The All New Polka Dot Polly Loyalty Scheme

Sorry. The Loyalty program is no longer valid as of 01/11/2016. Points collected before this date are still valid and you can cash out at any time.


10 Points = £1 to spend

Cash out at any time

Three separate ways to earn points

First - Designer Commission

Facebook Like Facebook share Replica Purchase
Facebook photo likes Facebook photo shares Replica orders
50 points per 100 likes 50 points per 50 shares 50 points per order
Earn 50 points for every 100 likes on the original photo of your 'design your own' item. Earn 50 points for every 50 shares of the original photo of your 'design your own' item. Whenever anyone orders a replica of your original design you will earn 50 points.

Tips -
  1. Design an awesome item to get more Facebook attention and replica interest.

  2. Like, share and comment on the photo we post of your item to help it get shown to more people who can then like and share and maybe even order a replica.

Second - Spread the Word

  Guest Book   Refer Friend  
  10 points per guest book entry    20 points per friend referred  
  Write up to one guest book entry per Polka Dot Polly item you own and get 10 points for each review.    Recommend Polka Dot Polly to your friends and have them quote your full name when ordering to earn yourself 20 points.
Tips -
  1. Write a guestbook entry 'review' of each Polka Dot Polly garment you own. The more you own, the more you'll earn.

  2. Write your name on the back of our business cards (used as swing tags on all garments) and keep them with you when you wear your Polka Dot Polly pieces. Give a card to anyone who asks about your amazing outfit (because someone always will!).

  3. If you ever feel like giving a shout ot to Polka Dot Polly on a forum, blog etc. make sure to leave your name (we can discuss a unique nickname if you want to remain anonymous online) so that anoyone who find us through you can earn you some points..

Third - Contribute

  Send Photo  
50 points per photo
Send us a full length photo of your Polka Dot Polly purchase being worn and get 50 points.

Tips -
  1. Have a friend take a gorgeous shot of you in your Polka Dot Polly piece(s).

  2. Style it like a pro to encourage others to order your replica and earn yourself some 'designer commission' (see above).


Terms and conditions -

General -

  • Points can only be exchanged for Polka Dot Polly gift vouchers. Unless otherwise indicated (e.g. if we run a double points value offer) 10 points = £1 gift voucher. 
  • There is no minimum or maximum point cash out limit.
  • Gift vouchers earned cannot be used on clearance items.
  • You can request a point total or complete personal point breakdown at any time by emailing us at

Designer commission -

  • Applies to new Facebook photos and 'replica' items posted from 8/4/16.
  • Facebook popularity (i.e. shares and likes) pertains to the original photo of your item that we post. Likes or shares on someone else's share or re-posts will not count. 
  • To earn the 'designer commission' points you must design your own original item. Ordering a dress that is already a replica either by recreating it with the 'design your own' process or simply ordering through the replica service does not count. However, ordering a replica with built-in 'extras' (e.g. bias trim, ric rac etc.) does make it a whole new replica in itself, and that does then count as designing an item for yourself.
  • Items that are not designed by you (e.g. Polka dot Polly Package items, clearance items or special offers where we have pre-designed an item for you to purchase or otherwise receive) do not count for 'designer commission'. 
  • In the unlikely event that you design an item that someone else has previously designed but is not yet available as a replica, you will both be credited with designer commission points.

Spread the word -

  • You may write up to one guest book entry per Polka dot Polly item you own. If you intend to write one review per item, rather than an overall review of Polka Dot Polly please make it clear which item you are talking about. Each guestbook entry must be unique to count. 
  • Guestbook entries written before your item is received will not count. 
  • Referred friends must be new customers, that have never placed a Polka Dot Polly order before.
  • New customers must quote your full name as it is on our records in order for you to qualify for the referral points.
  • Referred friends must place a full order when quoting your name (i.e. not just alterations, fabric half meters, clearance items, fabric reservations or gift vouchers)

Contribute -

  • You must allow us use of your photo for our social media/customer gallery and marketing purposes. Please make us aware that you are happy for us to share your photo when you submit it.
  • Relevant #polkadotpolly tagged photos on Instagram or Twitter will automatically be counted if we can easily trace exactly who to attribute points to.
  • Photos must be full length but we are happy to accept photos with your head cut out of the frame if you are shy.
  • Points can only be awarded once per garment photographed. Multiple photographs of the same outfit are great but we can only grant one lot of points for each garment.
  • If your purchase was not directly from Polka Dot Polly (e.g. if it is second hand from Ebay etc.) we cannot credit you with loyalty points.