Gift Voucher - Shopping

When gift vouchers are used on the website your order total must be at least 1p more than the voucher amount. Vouchers cannot be used towards p&p.

Only one gift voucher can be used per order, this is  a website default. If you wish to combine purchased gift vouchers email with the voucher codes you want to stack. Remember that your order has to be at least 1p over the voucher amount. So for example if you have two £50 vouchers and the order you want to place is £75.11 excluding p&p email us your two voucher codes and when asked we'll change them to one for £75.10 and one for £24.90. This means you have £24.90 towards a subsequent order.

Only one non-purchased discount voucher (photo vouchers, loyalty scheme vouchers, special discounts etc) can be used per order. If you wish to combine one non-purchased discount code with a purchased gift voucher let us know in the same way as above.

Expiry date for all purchased gift vouchers is 17th November 2017. After this date Polka Dot Polly is closing up shop.