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Cancelling an Order -

All our made to order items are made up and dispatched  roughly within the approximate time frame stated upon checkout.  After we receive your order you will receive an email confirming your order number and estimated dispatch date. You have 3 days from the date of your order to cancel it. After this time your order will be cut out and join the processing queue.  You cannot cancel your order after this point. About a week before your order is due to be made up you will receive an email informing you of this. If your order needs any minor changes please reply to this email as soon as possible. Your order will not get checked for irregularities until we come to make it up so please make sure they comply and are correct. If you need your order for a specific event within 10 days of your estimated completion date please let us know so we can ensure it is ready in time.

Timescales -

The estimated dispatch date for orders placed at weekends, bank holidays and after 6pm on working days will be calculated from the next working day.  Your completion date is an estimate.

We are not a factory. Each item is made by our own four hands and therefore we ask for your understanding when it comes to timescales. Dressmaking doesn't always run like clockwork, especially when each item is made to individual submitted measurements and sometimes things can take longer than anticipated. We do suggest that you give yourself plenty of time (at least 2 weeks for UK orders and 4 weeks for international orders) between your estimated dispatch date and the date of any specific event you may want your order for as made to order items cannot be refunded.

Please note that if you order during a special offer or sale, or have an estimated dispatch near Christmas or high wedding season, due to the volume of orders items will likely take longer.

Our items are made and handfinished to a standard that cannot be replicated in shops or by factories and whilst we try to keep our prices down as much as possible this quality does take time.

Fabric Stock -

We have hundreds of thousands of fabrics on our website and occasionally an order may be placed for one that has gone out of stock before we can update the website. In this case we will contact you within 3 days and will either ask you if you would like to change your fabric to another of an equal value or cancel your order. If your order is cancelled we will refund your payment within 5 working days. If you choose to have your order made up in another fabric it will join the processing queue as normal.

Extremely rarely when we come to make up your order we may discover that we are not able to fulfill it. This is usually issues with fabric - it could be that we had orders in a particular fabric for dresses that use up more fabric than average and there isn't enough left as a result, or an expected outstanding delivery from a fabric supplier was unable to be met. In this situation, as it is close to dispatch time, we will make up your order in a fabric we feel has a similar feel/design and enclose a credit voucher with your order for the price you paid for the item. This means you get a FREE item and a chance to design one in another fabric of your choice. This happens rarely but we hope the credit note abates any disappointment.

Own fabric orders -

We will not check through your order until time comes to make it up so please make sure there are no mistakes and that your order complies with our sizing boundaries. If your order is more than one or two inches above our sizing boundaries for the design you have chosen your fabric will be returned, your payment refunded and your order cancelled. If the fabric we receive is not suitable your order will also be cancelled and refunded and your fabric returned.

Gift vouchers/discount codes - 

When gift vouchers are used on the website your order total must be at least 1p more than the voucher amount. Vouchers cannot be used towards p&p.

Only one gift voucher can be used per order, this is  a website default. If you wish to combine purchased gift vouchers email enquiries@polkadotpolly.co.uk with the voucher codes you want to stack. Remember that your order has to be at least 1p over the voucher amount. So for example if you have two £50 vouchers and the order you want to place is £75.11 minus p&p email us your two voucher codes and when asked we'll change them to one for £75.10 and one for £24.90. This means you have £24.90 towards a subsequent order.

Only one non-purchased discount voucher (photo vouchers, loyalty scheme vouchers, special discounts, competition prizes etc) can be used per order. If you wish to combine one non-purchased discount code with a purchased gift voucher let us know in the same way as above.

Purchased gift vouchers expire 1 calendar year after issue. All others expire 1 month after issue. 

Delivery -

Once your order has been completed we will drop you a mail to let you know it is ready for dispatch. At this point it is vital that you let us know if the delivery address needs to be altered. We cannot be held responsible for items that go astray due to incorrect information being submitted upon ordering.

We know it can be very exciting anticipating the delivery of a pretty creation but ask that you allow 5 working days from your dispatch email for UK orders and 20 working days for international orders before mailing us about its arrival.

Please note: A dispatch date is not a delivery date. Your dispatch date is an estimate - your order may go out earlier or later. We do work very long hours to get your orders made up and out to you as soon as possible though.

Returns/Refunds -

Made to order items are non-refundable as they are made to your specific requirements. 

Made to order items cannot be returned or refunded.

Contacting Us -

If you need to contact us about your order please email us at enquiries@polkadotpolly.co.uk quoting your order number. Please do not use the website contact form, Facebook or Twitter as your message will get lost among the many general enquiries and will take us longer to get to.

We reserve the right to cancel/refuse orders.

We recommend that all garments are handwashed or dry-cleaned. Do not tumble dry.

Fabric reservations -

Some of our customers choose to reserve a fabric and complete their order at a later date. The payment made for a reserved fabric stands as a deposit and is non-refundable and non-transferable if you change your mind. We suggest you only reserve a fabric if you are certain of your choice or are happy to lose your deposit if you change your mind.

Image Copyright

We allow use of any of our images where there is a clear link back to our website. In any case, our images may not be used for your own marketing purposes unless specifically discussed with us and deemed acceptable. 
This, of course, includes customer photographs (unless of course it is a photo that you submitted to us yourself).